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One of the reasons why we like Vintage Fake Rolex Watches is because each watch has its own unique history, and no two watches are exactly the same. We buy all our replica watches directly from the UK online shop, which means that sometimes we get rare vintage models directly from their original owners, and sometimes these watches come with truly incredible backstory.

We recently received a very special Rolex 5513, which belonged to a former commercial diver who used to work for COMEX. For those who are familiar with Vintage Rolex Submariner Replica Watches, you already know that such things don't happen often. Whenever one of these rare Rolex COMEX dive watches does manage to surface, you can almost guarantee that it will have an amazing story behind it.

This particular watch is a vintage Rolex Submariner reference 5513 with a matte dial and fat font bezel insert for the 'foot first'. It is equipped with a folding link oyster bracelet, has a decent amount of stretch, and seems to be an original watch. There is a beautiful matching patina on the titanium trioxide dial and hands, but the real party piece of this fake Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 is the case on the side of the helium escape valve and COMEX is engraved on the back of its case.

The watch has 2.8 million serial number engravings, which gives it an estimated production date in 1971. This makes it an early example of replica Rolex Submariner watches issued by various COMEX, and it further supports that it is a Rolex 5513, rather than a reference to 5514 or later Submariner models equipped with COMX brand dials.

It is worth noting that this particular watch is not the "pre-COMEX" Submariner that collectors call. The dials that received the COMEX brand changed slightly in terms of printing, and these dials separated them from other non-COMEX Submariner dials of that era. Therefore, a dial with these characteristics without the COMEX logo is usually called a COMEX Submariner watch, but the dial on this particular ref. 5513 is not one of them. Now, you can buy the high-end Rolex Submariner from the Luxury Replica Watches UK store.

Rolex modified a standard matte dial of the prototype helium escape valve to the reference 5513 Submariner. This fact indicates that it is one of the early cheap fake Rolex Submariner watches released to COMEX. In addition, the production date of the watch in 1971 helps to confirm this, because it will be only one year later that Rolex and the product cooperation start. You'd better admit Rolex is the top brand of Swiss Replica Watches in the UK second-hand market.

Although this vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 itself is incredibly rare and special, the fact that it came directly to our original owner means that we can hear the story behind it and share it with you today. The copy Rolex watch includes photos of the original owner's days at COMEX, as well as a source letter detailing his experience as a commercial diver and how this unusual Rolex Submariner replica entered his life.

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